Friday, July 16, 2010

Productive Day

I'm really tired, but wanted to post something while I watch my husband wash dishes for me. He's so great {heart}. Just found sugar ants in my kitchen and in the microwave. I never knew it was even possible for them to get in there. They really bug me (no pun intended), I just feel like I live in a dirty house when I see a bug or two. But it's not dirty. If I get rid of them in the kitchen, then they show up somewhere else. Drives me crazy. My day was made up of a girl's lunch day at Olive Garden, Mmmmm, buying the things I needed for my baby, washing some clothes, giving the doggie a bath, and my grandma bought us a bassinet. It was a good day. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to take my own maternity pics with the tripod and timer lol. We'll see how that goes. I got some ideas up my sleeve. Probably and hour shoot will turn into a two or three hour shoot. I'll post those when I get done with them. I'll leave you with my picture of the day of my friend's kids. They're so cute! Have a good weekend everyone!

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