Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Doctor's Appointment Today

Had my 35 weeks doctors appointment today. It went good. Gained 3 lbs - whatever. My blood pressure was high - 160/82. I kinda thought it might be. I snapped at Jon this morning, I know he didn't expect it and I feel bad, but when my blood pressure is high, I get irritated way more easy. I also snapped at Paul today, while helping him with math. I am tired and really it's just one of those days where I shouldn't be around anyone. I mean I cried when I called Jon to see if he had dinner yet and he just ate. Back to the appt, she had to do a GBS test today. It's a swab they take down there, to check for a certain bacteria that could be harmful to the baby when she comes through. I felt hardly nothing. She then checked me for dilation and I'm a fingertip dilated. So, I guess those cramps I felt were contractions. They were worried about my blood pressure, when they checked it again at the end, it was 112/60. I just have to watch it. I think it might be an early night to bed tonight.

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