Wednesday, July 14, 2010

36 Week Dr Appt

Had my appt this morning. It was hard to wake up because this stupid carpal tunnel is keeping me awake and it hurts. I thought I could wait til Friday to get a brace, but I can't. Going when Jon gets off of work, It hurts way to bad. Let's see how did the appt go. I gained 1 lb, not bad. Had high blood pressure again 144/86, laid on left side for 10 min and went down to 116/60 and no protein in my urine. My GBS test came back negative, which is good. Went from fingertip dilated to 1cm and 50% effaced - which is a big word for saying my cervix is half way soft and has to get 100% for a baby to come through. That's progress.

Supposed to go to the convention on Friday and Sunday - driving back and forth a little over an hour both ways. I think we might make it there for lunch lol. It's really hard to wake up early and feel good, i usually feel sick because I don't sleep at night. I wish we were closer to the arena or could afford a hotel this year. But it's just for this year. My MIL said that's ok you can go after the baby gets here. I'm thinking, no I'm not bringing a 1 month old newborn to a place with almost 10,000 people. If it's hard for me to get up now, it's not going to be easier after. We still won't be able to afford a hotel after either. Sorry mama in law.

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  1. Sorry you are experiencing so many discomforts at this time. Try to hang in and I am sure things will work out in time.


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