Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When did you realize you were getting "old"?

When I realized I will soon be someone's mom. And someone is going to be calling me mom. Esp, since all my friends aren't having kids yet. I only know of one couple that's trying. Some aren't married, makes me feel like an old fart.

When I got excited over getting a new vacuum. I've had the same one for a year and 7 months and it's a terrible one. I was happy to get one that finally works.

When at night, I'd rather hang out at home and watch tv, then really go out anywhere.
When I popped in my old cds ( The used, Senses Fail, Story of the year, Hawthorne Heights, Linkin Park, etc..) and the songs made me laugh because it brought me back to some good times.

Crazy how things change and they change so fast, but you don't realize the change til after the change has happened. I swear I was just 16 & 17, but that was 6, 7 years ago! But I am not old, I'm going to be the cool, young mom.

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