Saturday, May 22, 2010


It's Saturday. Jon's home, he's playing wii golf. Have a family cookout tonight to go to. Pawpaw is still in the hospital. He is responding a little more everyday so far. He smiled at Jeff this morning, which is amazing. He really is a strong guy. Hopefully, he gets better here soon.

As far as baby news, I have a doctor's appt on Wednesday. She moves a lot now. I am officially in maternity clothes. I'm looking for a white dresser and starting to think about the decor for the nursery. We got the paint and my dad said he would paint it, yay! I cleaned the windows and things like that. Once it's painted I can do a full cleaning on the bathroom and bedroom. I have a new bump pic @ 28 weeks 5 days (almost 29 weeks) or 6 1/2 months:

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